[Samba] ghost jobs through samba

Enriko Groen ric0 at xhuman.net
Wed Jan 22 09:48:01 GMT 2003


I run Samba 2.2.7a on a FreeBSD 4.7 server. Samba is installed WITHOUT
CUPS support.

Recently I shared a printer on a Windows XP machine which is on the
network. Since that moment the "ghost" print jobs keep appearing at
random. The printer spool identifies them as "Low-level documents". All
they are is binary rubbish.

I think this has to do with Samba.

Here's a piece of a logfile:
"Jan 22 07:16:57 megatron smbd[9312]: [2003/01/22 07:16:57, 0]
Jan 22 07:16:57 megatron smbd[9312]:   optimus ( couldn't
find service $c"

(Don't make fun of my hostnames :)

I'm not sure but that could be about the time that the job appeared. Any
ways to prevent this?

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