[Samba] Re: Borland Paradox Databases on a samba share

Jim jcllings at tsunamicomm.net
Tue Jan 21 21:53:01 GMT 2003

Yeah! Rebuilding the server is quite easy.  Here is how I rebuilt mine 
for ldap:

rpm --rebuild --with ldap samba-2.2.7a-2mdk.src.rpm

Discovering what exactly the --with options are'll freakin kill ya, 
though. ;-)

Jim C.

> Oplocks for the share need to be turned off. It will work OK for a while with oplocks 
> on then corrupt eventually. 
> I'd update samba to the latest version. It's really easy to compile from source if you 
> cannot get a packaged version for the older distribution.
> 95 clients also have a bugged vredir and vnetsup. These need updated to work 
> properly. These should be available from microsoft. I also disable the network read & 
> write caching on 95 clients.
> I have a method which is called on starting up the database to ensure these settings 
> are set.

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