[Samba] Borland Paradox Databases on a samba share

Paul Cochrane paul at tortc.tuht.scot.nhs.uk
Tue Jan 21 10:14:01 GMT 2003

On 20 Jan 2003 at 15:49, Nose Bear wrote:
> i tryed to use samba to share a paradox database which comes with a
> special trade programs. 
> On a novell server it works fine. But on the samba share I get a
> corrupted database after some minutes of multi user access. I've
> tryed some entries in the smb.conf and I think a have a very
> conservative setting now.

Oplocks for the share need to be turned off. It will work OK for a while with oplocks 
on then corrupt eventually. 

> I heared of somebody who uses samba successfully with the same
> application but with a newer linux. I work with suse 6.4 and samba
> 2.0.6 . May I hope to solve the problem with a linux update? I read
> in he samba release notes about "several bugfixes in locking" ... but
> does it solve my problem?

I'd update samba to the latest version. It's really easy to compile from source if you 
cannot get a packaged version for the older distribution.

95 clients also have a bugged vredir and vnetsup. These need updated to work 
properly. These should be available from microsoft. I also disable the network read & 
write caching on 95 clients.

I have a method which is called on starting up the database to ensure these settings 
are set.

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