[Samba] printing on windows domain printer

Cristian Livadaru drac3 at vwclub.ro
Tue Jan 21 20:55:01 GMT 2003

I have set up a red hat linux box and used winbind to connect it to 
the existing windows NT domain of our company.
well everything works fine, user can log in and mkhomedir creates a home directory at the first login.

but I still have one problem
how can I manage it that the user can print something useing his own username
and password.
at the moment I have set up the printer to use the windows share
but the problem is that now everybody that prints something from the linux box
prints with my name.
at the moment only 2 people are using the linux box but if all developers 
will use it in the future it will be a bit complicated to find his print outs
if every print has my name on it.

hope you understand my problem and have any tips/doc's/howtos or anything for 

thx. Cris

Dracula ( Cristian Livadaru )
--=[ http://VWclub.ro ]=--

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