[Samba] Not listening for calling name

serdar aslan e112319 at metu.edu.tr
Mon Jan 20 15:57:01 GMT 2003

   Thanks your helps we have installed Samba to our openbsd operating
system. Now we have a windows 98 nstalled computer and an open bsd
nstalled computer. We want to see the files which are located in the
openbsd computer.

 For that reason we have made the following configurations:

 In the smb.conf:
 netbios name=deneme

 hpsts allow=host name of win98 installed computer

 comment=Temporary file space
 read only =no

  In windows98:
 we installed TCP/IP
 file and prnter sharing
 client for microsoft Networks

 In the identification page we changed the workgroup=deneme
 In the access control we changed to share level access control

 Some observations:
 from network neighborhood >> find computer name
 we have searched deneme and we were succesfull That is we fount the
deneme samba server.

 When we try to see the contents of deneme it gives an error:
" not logged on"

  then n the openbsd installed computer i have run the following command:
 smbcilent //deneme/tmp
  then we saw the following output:
  added interface ip ="ip of samba server"  bcast=... nmask=255.....
  got a positive name query response from "ip of samba server"
  session request to deneme failed (not listening for callling name)
  got a positive name query response from "ip of samba server"
  session request to *smbserver failed (not listening for calling names)

 ps: We have run the smbd and nmbd commands

 Thanks a lot

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