[Samba] frustration samba and LDAP

Robert Adkins raa at impelind.com
Mon Jan 20 13:45:01 GMT 2003


	So far, it has been my experience that learning (Open)LDAP is really no   
more difficult then learning Microsoft's Active Directory system. The   
only major difference that I see is that (Open)LDAP appears to be easier   
to recover, if there happens to be corruptions and such.

	Since you can basically create a flat text file and run a command that   
reads in that entire (Open)LDAP structure into the (Open)LDAP DB from   
that flat file.

	Of course, I am only beginning to look at (Open)LDAP, but I hope to have   
it all configured for our network soon. Unless I can think of a different   
method for keeping all of the user accounts, machine accounts and network   
information synced amongst the servers.

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did someone really try to make this complicated or did it really just
turn out this way?? How can any of you use LDAP with its..
cn=xyz ou=abc godknows=whatelse  ..complicated syntax.
I thought learning command line Linux was hard....I don't want to go
through that again!

*) frustrations not withstanding...I do sincerely thank the Samba team
for a package which has served us well for 3 years.

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