[Samba] Re: frustration samba and LDAP

Jim jcllings at tsunamicomm.net
Mon Jan 20 16:15:01 GMT 2003

> 	So far, it has been my experience that learning (Open)LDAP is really no   
> more difficult then learning Microsoft's Active Directory system. The   
> only major difference that I see is that (Open)LDAP appears to be easier   
> to recover, if there happens to be corruptions and such.

Actually, I'm going to side with him.  Figureing out the setup has taken 
me just under 6 months which is way too long.  IMHO, the problem isn't 
that the system is complex, exactly.  Rather that it can seem so complex 
that one constantly winds up second guessing.  It has too many 
components to keep track of and integrate (ACL's, smb.conf slapd.conf 
ldap.conf ldap.secret, search syntax etc. etc..).  Despite thier 
individual complexity I've felt that they are collectively complex.  If 
one isn't good at decomposeing problems into smaller domains, then one 
might be in trouble.  Also there is the problem of thinking in an extra 
dimension for an object orientated database system when most of us are 
trained to think in relational terms.  Couple this with the lack of an 
easy to use and understand query language/syntax (i.e. that we are 
spoiled by SQL)...

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