[Samba] Win95 client can see everyone but linux box

Steve Thom samba at steventhom.com
Sat Jan 18 14:06:00 GMT 2003

I suspect you either removed TCP/IP or made NETBEUI your default protocol.

I believe you can designate Win95's default network protocol via the network
icon in the control panel. Sorry, I can't tell you exactly where, I have no
machines running 95. Try the various advanced buttons/tabs in the TCP/IP
stack bound to that adapter.

Also, make certain you don't have both cards installed, it'll just server to
confuse the situation.

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Subject: [Samba] Win95 client can see everyone but linux box

> Hi,
> I'm lucky enough to have samba working fine on SuSE 8.0, sharing a
> printer with several windows computers.
> Earlier today I even had my new wireless card working on a Win95 laptop
> and it could see the whole network, and I wirelessly printed from my
> living room. COOL.
> Unfortunately, I screwed it up.
> The wireless card seems to conflict with the old pcmcia (wired) card and
> so I uninstalled and reinstalled that card several times in an attempt
> to make both work at once. (No luck so far.)
> Somehow this process messed up my wireless printing.
> Now when clicking on Network Neighborhood the Win95 Client usually at
> first says the network is unavailable/unreachable and then after a bit
> more clicking will see the other two windows computers on the network,
> but not the linux box where the printer is attached.
> The other two windows computers can see everything in their network
> neighborhood's, so I don't think the linux box itself is messed up. It
> must be something about that darn Win95 laptop. And it WAS working
> earlier. Anyone have a guess at what I screwed up and how I can get it
> working again?
> Thanks for any help. (It's actually my wife's laptop and it won't be too
> good for me to have messed this up!)
> Brian
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