[Samba] Win95 client can see everyone but linux box

Brian suseuser at rurnt.com
Sat Jan 18 12:17:00 GMT 2003


I'm lucky enough to have samba working fine on SuSE 8.0, sharing a 
printer with several windows computers.

Earlier today I even had my new wireless card working on a Win95 laptop 
and it could see the whole network, and I wirelessly printed from my 
living room. COOL.

Unfortunately, I screwed it up.

The wireless card seems to conflict with the old pcmcia (wired) card and 
so I uninstalled and reinstalled that card several times in an attempt 
to make both work at once. (No luck so far.)

Somehow this process messed up my wireless printing.

Now when clicking on Network Neighborhood the Win95 Client usually at 
first says the network is unavailable/unreachable and then after a bit 
more clicking will see the other two windows computers on the network, 
but not the linux box where the printer is attached.

The other two windows computers can see everything in their network 
neighborhood's, so I don't think the linux box itself is messed up. It 
must be something about that darn Win95 laptop. And it WAS working 
earlier. Anyone have a guess at what I screwed up and how I can get it 
working again?

Thanks for any help. (It's actually my wife's laptop and it won't be too 
good for me to have messed this up!)


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