[Samba] UNIX/SAMBA file permission interaction

David Beards d.beards at cfa.vic.gov.au
Sat Jan 18 11:49:00 GMT 2003

Hi Everyone,

Just prior to christmas I asked a question relating to the interaction
of SAMBA with UNIX permissions. The answer I got back was to set the
sticky bit on the folder in question. I did this and sure enough SAMBA
then followed the behaviour I expected.

Can any one explain to me why?

For those of you baffled, this is what occurs:

Without the sticky bit set on a folder that has rwx set for ogw a file
can be deleted from within this folder (using Windows Explorer)
regardless of whether you are the owner or part of the group that this
file belongs to. (as long as rw is set for the owner) If you use an
application to modify this same file the application behaves as expected
and prohibits you from modifying the file.

If you set the sticky bit on the folder, Windows Explorer then behaves
as it should (as does the application), and if you are not the owner or
part of the group that the file belongs to you can not delete the file.

I'm sorry, I must be missing something as this does not make sense.
Surely I would have expected SAMBA to adhere to the UNIX permissions
without the sticky bit being set on the folder.
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