[Samba] Re: automount shares

Mark Keir m.keir at qut.edu.au
Wed Jan 15 14:23:01 GMT 2003


Rather than using /etc/fstab (works fine), for users  with different
share requirements, you could set up a mount point in autofs.  In the
/etc/auto.master file, set up the mount point and connection file

/home/user/mnt /etc/auto.user --timeout=60

Then in your /etc/auto.user file, set up the specific share connection
(sub appropriate values for user, uid and IP/share)


You can set up multiple samba credential files for different domains
(NT, AD etc) which gives excellent flexibility.


Message: 18
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 23:55:43 -0800
From: Adam <ack94598 at yahoo.com>
To: samba at lists.samba.org
Subject: [Samba] How to automount windows share?

I am using XP as a fileserver and I would like to have linux mount the 
share automatically when it starts up.  I added a line to my /etc/fstab 
and I can now mount the mount point but it still doesn't mount 
automatically at startup.

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