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John H Terpstra jht at samba.org
Thu Jan 16 15:46:00 GMT 2003

On Thu, 16 Jan 2003, C.Lee Taylor wrote:

> >>	Now, where my problem is, when I have some users who have huge
> >>documents folder, this log on and log off takes a long time, not mention
> >>the problems I have run into when their computer is turn off
> >>incorrectly.  I am sure this is a Micro$oftism, but is there a way to
> >>use roaming profiles, but have then use directly off the server and not
> >>copied to and from the server at login and logout?
> >
> >
> > This is simply a symptom of BAD BAD BAD practice. You need to educate your
> 	I would disagree ... when somebody hit "My Documents" and M$ has tought
> them, they should get to their docs.  Some users have to have personel
> docs because they are not share the inof with others ... why create a
> "My Doc's" if you must go somewhere else to get to your docs ... it's
> the way M$ has brain washed these silly users ...

Your mileage may vary - that's OK.

One needs to read the MS Windowss 2000 Server deployment guides (in the
Win2K Server Resource Kit) to find how M$ technology is supposed to work
in the enterprise. Rest assured that a 1-2GB Desktop Profile IS NOT part
of the plan.

Just because users can be lemmings does not mean that system/network
administrators NEED to be likewise.

For a network administrator to build and provide to users a network
configuration that will seriously degrade as their personal data volume
grows is like the life guard who sits by and watches a swimmer drown as
[s]he thinks "My I wish I could save the drowning swimmer" while at the
same time doing nothing to afford a rescue.

The information needed to solve the problem has been provided by
Microsoft. Whose responsibility is it to find and use it? The bottome line
is that the problem of huge desktop data volumes can be avoided.

- John T.
John H Terpstra
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