[Samba] SMB+LDAP Question ...

C.Lee Taylor leet at leenx.co.za
Wed Jan 15 13:54:01 GMT 2003

Greetings ...

	I have a quick question, which I hope will get a straight and quick answer.

	I am moving my system from flat files to LDAP.  I have had my users in 
LDAP for a while, but then found that my computer accounts for Win2K in 
still in passwd. My question is, what are the bare minume LDAP attribs 
that I need for them to contiune to work?

	But I don't think I am going to get that answered, so, do I need a Unix 
password for computers?

	I would just like to keep as little info my LDAP as possible .. I still 
believe the smallest amount of common info is best.


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