[Samba] Samba is Speedy

Benjamin Vander Jagt benjaminvanderjagt at adelphia.net
Wed Jan 15 04:13:01 GMT 2003

Hi.  I joined the mailing list just to say how pleased I am with the 
speed of Samba.  I've been browsing around the threads and learning lots 
of new stuff, too.

Win95 was my file server (on Athlon XP 1700+, 512MB RAM, 80GB 7200RPM, 
100MBPS network).  I have about 16GB of MP3 files (nope, I don't 
download music!) and when I tell Winamp to load on a client, it takes 
about 80 seconds to load all the songnames (I have the "load extended 
info on load" turned on).  When I first setup Samba, I thought it was 
slower than my Win95 server in general usage.  I clocked a 512MB file, 
and Samba was the same speed as Win95.  No surprise there.  When I tried 
Winamp, though, the client took less than one second to load the 
songnames.  Even when I open Winamp, wait 80 seconds for it to load the 
songnames, and close and then immediately re-open it, the Win95 server 
takes around 8 seconds.

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