[Samba] Dos To Unix?

Harry Rüter harry_rueter at gmx.de
Mon Jan 13 15:48:00 GMT 2003


> If we drag a file from a Windows directory - say autoexec.bat and drop it
> onto a samba mapped Unix drive, when we then go to the Unix box and vi the
> file all the lines end in the DOS EOL character (^M)

Yes, and that's okay, because DOS/Windows needs it this way.
If you convert it to UNIX-style it won't work under DOS/Windows anymore
and you would have to convert it back DOS/Windows-style !!!!

> Is there any option/configuration in samba to make 
> it convert DOS text files to UNIX format?

Don't know, but i'd bet there's none because Samba shall 
IN NO WAY way convert/interpret a file ...
I think your problem is not a real samba-problem,
it's (i think) a problem of editing files in two worlds ...
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Greets Harry

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