[Samba] Exporting samba mount via NFS

Kurt Weiss info at kwnet.at
Mon Jan 13 15:45:01 GMT 2003

Paul Yeager schrieb:
> Perhaps I'm trying to do something that is not allowed, but I have found 
> no such restriction in the documentation.
> To limit the contact of my Linux boxes with the "products of Bill & 
> Co.", I have mounted a Windows share on my Linux server.  When I try to 
> export that same share from the Linux server (as a plain old NFS 
> volume), it mounts without error, but the mountpoint appears empty.  The 
> configuration looks something like:
> Directory on        ---->  Mountpoint on     ----->   Mountpoint on
> Windows Server             Linux Server               Linux Client
>                           (works fine)               (appears empty)
> Am I attempting the impossible, or have I neglected some necessary detail?

we are using the same solution, if we change server from windows to 
samba. - the old server is mounted to the new linux box as e.g. "oldserver"
this is running fine.
seems, that u have problems with userrights (has only root access 
rights?, u need x-rights 4 browsing)
please check the accessrights of the directory and smbclient flags.

> Thanks in advance!
> Paul

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