[Samba] Domain Users cannot use quic

Christopher Barry cbarry at infiniconsys.com
Sun Jan 12 15:36:00 GMT 2003

This is documented in the QB website. Local user must be at least a
power user of the local machine. In fact IIRC, I had to actually make
them local admin to use the product. I went around and around with their
support on this issue - very stupid!!!


On Sat, 2003-01-11 at 12:14, Daniel Fenwick wrote:
> > Two, create a local account for the accountant and or accounting
> > department. Set the security settings for this account to be a Power
> > User. Then do not join the workstation(s) to the domain. This can create
> > a near equal network management headache, it would also make Samba more
> > busy for that user/group of users due to having to authenticate each
> > request instead of simply checking for the security token that the user
> > would have. However, you do end up with the benefit that the accounting
> > department would be "separate" from the network.
> A third option might be to make the domain account a local Power User on the
> workstation.  I have had to do this for some applications my users try to
> run (most Adobe products, for instance).
> Dan
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