[Samba] Newbie Question: smbmount and file attributes

Benno Stein stein at upb.de
Sun Jan 12 00:31:01 GMT 2003

Dear list members,

perhaps this is a very simple question, but after several hours of searching
and experimenting, I have no idea what to do.

Situation: I have a Linux machine (RH 8.0, mount.smbf version 2.2.7) and use
smbmount to import my home directory from a machine in another Unix-Network:

  smbmount //home5/$username /mnt/upb/$USER -o 

The import works fine and I can read and write on the mounted file system.

Problem: Every file that I generate from my Linux machine in the 
has the attributes -rwxrw-r--. I played a lot with the dmask=755 and 
parameters, which actually _show_ the shared files ony Linux machine 
with the specified
attributes. However, if I login in at my home machine in the network, 
all new files got
the attributes 764, which makes them writable for every group member.

Question: What must I do such that files generated "from outside" get 
600 (or 644)
attributes? (I also experimented (without success) with guid, uid, and 
smb.conf settings)

Thanks a lot for help,


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