[Samba] Slow performance with lots of files in one directory

Gerald Drouillard gerrylist at drouillard.ca
Fri Jan 10 15:06:01 GMT 2003

Unless you are a programmer, I am afraid the only thing you can do is to
modify how the files are stored in that directory.  I had the files on a
ext3 RAID5 with lots of memory config and any type of access to that
directory would bring smb to a crawl.  I even tried putting the files on a
separate XFS RAID5 server and mount the directory, but seemed to just make
it worse even with a 1Gig connection between the servers.  The files that I
store are from our in-house imaging program.  Our file names were all
numeric so it was just a case of changing the name structure from 123456.TIF
to /3/2/1/456.TIF.  In the new file name format, a directory has no more
than 999+10 directory entries.  Now the system is working better than ever.

Gerald Drouillard
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> Hello,
> I've got performance problems with copying small files over to a Samba
> share in a directory that has lots of small files (10000 to 20000
> files). It takes too long time to copy new files (they drip in at a fast
> pace), and smbd eats a lot of CPU time.
> Is there any way to make Samba run faster in this situation?
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