[Samba] Message Command

David Andrew Patterson dap68 at optusnet.com.au
Fri Jan 10 11:55:01 GMT 2003

 From the smb.conf help document regarding the "message command" field:-

>You could make this command send mail, or whatever else takes your fancy. 
>Please let us know of any really interesting ideas you have.

First, my question:- Does Samba do anything in particular with the standard 
output of the program specified here? What would it take to have it 
WinPopUp-ed back to the sender of the message?

I'm presently working on a program** to enable simple commands of some kind 
to be WinPopUp-ed to a Linux box and acted on or responded to in some way. 
For example, rather than having to telnet to my Linux box, log in, enter 
"ifup ppp0" to dial into my ISP and then something else to activate my 
masquerading, I think it would be rather nice if I could simply WinPopUp a 
simple command such as "DIAL_IN" and then get a nice, user-friendly 
response such as "Your Internet connection is now active" popped back to me 
upon successful completion.

** Note well at this point:- I'm **NOT** a qualified or experienced 
programmer in any way, shape or form. In fact, I've only just finished 
wading through Herb Schildt's "Teach Yourself C" so this project is perhaps 
an over-ambitious second step up from the "...int main()..., printf("Hello 
World");" league................. Needless to say, if I actually end up 
with anything you guys couldn't bash out in five minutes with your eyes 
closed, I'll be more than happy to contribute it to the Samba project!!!


David Andrew Patterson
dap68 at optusnet.com.au

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