[Samba] Samba and OSX

Nicolai Krakowiak nicolai at apple.com
Thu Jan 9 22:11:02 GMT 2003

On 02-Jan-2003, Philip Edelbrock wrote:
> OS-X still has some serious problems for network users, though.  For 
> example, when connected to a SMB server, most non-ascii chars in 
> file/folder names get mapped to '_'.  Yuck!  Worst still, some chars do 
> not (like the cursive latin f [option-f]) which get written to the 
> server correctly but confuses OS-X when the directory contents are read 
> back...  OS-X then invalidates the entire directory list causing all the 
> files and directories to disappear.  Experiment and know these issues 
> before you deploy!
> Apple still has some work to do... :'(
> Phil

Hi Everyone,

I'm an engineer at Apple recently tasked with supporting Samba and
its related issues.  I'd love to get feedback like this, especially
when we're doing something wrong.  For those with an ADC account,
please file bugs.  They really help decide how we dedicate resources
towards specific issues.  For those without ADC account, feel free
to send me mail.

While I'm at it, a big thanks to the Samba team for all their hard

Engineering Peon, Apple Computer

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