[Samba] Samba and OSX

Philip Edelbrock phil at netroedge.com
Thu Jan 2 17:57:00 GMT 2003

Command-K in the 'finder' (aka the desktop) or Go->Connect to Server 
menu and then smb://servername will let you browse and connect.  Or, for 
unix-terminal freaks, you can use mount_smbfs (there is a man page for 
it for usage details).  Mounted shares will show up as an icon on the 
desktop as well as in /Volumes/sharename.  Oh, btw, you need encrypted 
password support on the server for the keychain to remember your 
passwords (this is a similar issue to WinXP's ability to not remember 
plain-text passwords).

Use the help menu to dig up some info on how to connect if you need more 
help.  Also, Apple's web site has a support area with some related 

OS-X still has some serious problems for network users, though.  For 
example, when connected to a SMB server, most non-ascii chars in 
file/folder names get mapped to '_'.  Yuck!  Worst still, some chars do 
not (like the cursive latin f [option-f]) which get written to the 
server correctly but confuses OS-X when the directory contents are read 
back...  OS-X then invalidates the entire directory list causing all the 
files and directories to disappear.  Experiment and know these issues 
before you deploy!

Apple still has some work to do... :'(


Jim Morris wrote:

>On Wed, 2003-01-01 at 16:21, Jim LaSalle wrote:
>>How do I map OSX to Samba file shares? I'm not new to Samba but OSX is a 
>>  puzzle. I can get the Mac OSX to see the Samba server but not the 
>>shares. Maybe I'm so hung up on the Windows "net use D: \\server\share" 
>>syntax I can see the forest for the trees.
>Use the Go->Servers option, or something like that - I don't have my
>iBook in front of me at the moment.  When you do that, type the server
>name, and connect to the server. To see the full list of shares, you may
>need to click the 'Authenticate' button, and give a valid
>username/password pair for the Samba server.  Once you do this, the full
>list of shares should be viewable via a drop down list. Once you pick
>one of the shares and then click the 'Connect' button, it will be
>mounted as a volume on your desktop.
>Alternatively, you can use command line tools such as smbclient, and I
>am sure that the 'mount' command has syntax for mounting an SMB share
>into the /Volumes directory hierarchy on OS X.
>I hope that helps.....  like I said, I am running off memory here, but I
>have mounted my Samba server shares many times on my iBook, using

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