[Samba] Sigh....ok once more with feeling

Stephen Kuhn stephen.kuhn at gmx.net
Wed Jan 8 04:27:00 GMT 2003

On Wed, 2003-01-08 at 15:17, tufkal wrote:
> The firewall didnt help matters.  I think its FUBAR and I need to
> reformat anyways, so ill reformat and reinstall and put fresh SAMBA up,
> on Mandrake 9.0.

I'd like to point out that MDK 9 DOES have some firewall issues - with
the built-in stuff - most users end up removing it altogether and using
a different package other than the one that comes bundled with MDK.

If you can manage to NOT install the Shorewall (or whatever it's called)
from the MDK installation, I think you might fare a tad bit better on
the initial setup of Samba...
...can't hurt to try.

> The system has 2 NICs and NET_MASQ shares internet to the XP machine. 
> Therein it acts as a DHCP server and has a firewall.  I will open 139
> from the start next time.  
> >From this basic square one setup, how do I get to my objective? 
> Objective being, all I want is to be able to access directories on my
> linux box from my windows box via Explorer for drag & drop.  I can mount
> on my linux box, folders being shared by the windows machine.  I have
> been able to do that for a while (I love LinNeighborhood).   I just
> wanna do the reverse.  
I think that once your firewall issues are resolved, the next steps are

> Thank you guys for all your help, I know my q's are pretty basic but
> this just doesnt make any sense to me and I gotta go basic.

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