[Samba] printing problem

Joel Hammer Joel at HammersHome.com
Mon Jan 6 22:46:06 GMT 2003

Glad to have helped.

I would say when I first began fooling with linux, about 1/3 of all my
problems were due to permissions. After two or three or four years, about
1/3 of all my problems are due to permissions, only now I assume any problem
is a permissions problem and check them out first!


On Mon, Jan 06, 2003 at 09:16:14AM -0800, Oscar Lovera wrote:
> Joel,
> You were right, it was a permission problem (I didn't realized that 
> neither of my users but root could print to
> that printer).  It took me a while to figure out the problem but I 
> traced it to the jetadmin of HP.  The printer
> were create with the old jetadmin tool and aparently it doesn't work on 
> Solaris (I couldn't figured out why
> it works only for root).  
>    I removed the printer and recreated it using the new webadmin 
> provided by HP and it worked.
> Thanks for your help.
> -Oscar
> PS.  Daulton, hope it helps you too.
> Joel Hammer wrote:
> >gave 0 means the command was successful.
> >
> >You might look at the printer log file for clues. 
> >
> >Maybe the guest user doesn't have the proper permissions to run the lp
> >command but your regular user does.
> >
> >Joel
> >
> >>Running the command `/usr/bin/lp -c -dhplj5 
> >>/var/SMBtmp/OSCARXLOVE.g5aGki; rm /var/SMBtmp/OSCARXLOVE.g5aGki' gave 0
> >>01/02/03 15:14:55 guest closed file OSCARXLOVE.g5aGki (numopen=0)
> >>Any idea why the lp command gave 0?  It creates the OSCARXLOVE.g5aGki 
> >>file just OK
> >>but nothing is printing.  It is print just fine if I manually run the 
> >>command '/usr/bin/lp -c -dhplj5 /var/SMBtmp/OSCARXLOVE.g5aGki'

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