[Samba] Authenticating against a Windows 2000 DC?

Chris Palmer chris.palmer at geneed.com
Mon Jan 6 22:41:01 GMT 2003

Frank Matthieß writes:

> > I found documentation for it at
> > http://myserver:901/swat/help/winbindd.8.html. I followed the
> > directions there to the letter, although I only changed
> > /etc/pam.d/samba, none of the others. (Should I change any of the
> > others?)
> "Samba-HOWTO-Collection" Page 73.

What should I have found on page 73?


The Winbind chapter starts on p. 75, and I'm reading it now (thanks).

> Does your samba server DEV hav a machineaccount in domain?


> You have joined samba to the domain?

Yes, with "smbpasswd -j ...".

> For "special user" you have setup a usetr mapping windows names <->
> unix names?

Not sure what you mean.

> man smb.conf:
>        username map (G)
>               This option allows you to specify a file containing a mapping of
> 	          usernames from the clients to the server. This can be  used  for
> 			  [...]
>               You can map Windows usernames that have spaces in them by  using
>               double quotes around the name. For example:
>               tridge = "Andrew Tridgell"
>               would  map  the  windows  username "Andrew Tridgell" to the unix
>               username "tridge".
> 			  [...]

Yeah, I don't want to do any of this. I want to use just the Windows
usernames and passwds to access Samba shares.

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