[Samba] Samba 2.2.7 with Win2k SP3 with Citrix XP1

Chris Croswhite ccroswhite at get2chip.com
Mon Jan 6 21:41:05 GMT 2003


Have samba 2.2.7 up and running.  Using security = server and smbpasswd 
file because I can not get ADS to build on a Slowlaris 8 platform.  I 
running into a problem, where by when more than one user (two or more) 
attempts to login on the same server, only one connection is established 
and the other connections are ignored (eventually  the login process 
times out [30 secs] for the ignored connections because it can get to 
the profile dir on the samba server).  I  have changed the mapping of 
 all users to use a unique mapping for their profiles and home dirs 
(each user gets a different alias to the samba machine).  This seems to 
have solved the problem.  However, this is a huge amount of work (600 
users) and is a BIG HACK.  What is the correct solution to this?


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