[Samba] Directory went missing

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Mon Jan 6 11:01:02 GMT 2003

Hi Chris,

>I had a major problem to today. The owner of a company
>I built a network for had a directory in her home
>directory containing most of her work documents 
>[which went/go] missing.
>I endewd up restoring from tape, but the owner is
>freaked over it, and I am pretty concerned too.

this embarassing problem hit me once too and I posted
the problem here:


and here


The latter reply to a kind soul turned out to be a
false lead, you can safely disregard it. The problem
reappeared, so I first split the profiles away from 
the home directory and got the problem resolved for
my own user account, but I wouldn't bet that the
problem is gone completely until a power user, who
seemed to be the only one really affected by this
abnormality, has joined his machine to the test domain
in which I'm experimenting with this problem. It might
be that some weird undocumented registry entry on his
workstation is causing the problem and infecting other
systems from which he logs hiemself in. I'll come back
to you as soon as I know for sure.

In the meanwhile I appeal to other kind souls
to focus on the problem.


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