[Samba] Error in SNIA spec wrt. SessionSetupAndX response when dialect is NT LM 0.12

Joey Collins joeycollins at charter.net
Fri Jan 3 02:30:00 GMT 2003

Good evening,

On the bottom of page 53, section in the SNIA spec
(http://www.snia.org/tech_activities/CIFS/CIFS-TR-1p00_FINAL.pdf), it
states if the dialect is NT LM 0.12 and extended security is off (I.e.,
use "traditional" NTLMv2/NTLMv2 authentication w/o SecurityBlobs), the
SessionSetupAndX response  is as shown in section with a word
count = 4.  However, what I have noticed is this is not the case, but
rather, if you are doing NTLMv2 or NTLMv1 authentication w/o extended
security, the SessionSetupAndX is really the one shown in with a
word count = 3.  I tried this a few times, using NT4.0 + SP 6a client
against NT4.0 + SP 6a, and Win2k + SP 3 against the NT4.0 + SP 6a server
and all resulted in the same SessionSetupAndX response--the one shown in
section with a wc = 3.

Am I doing something funky to get this result or is this in fact an
issue in the spec?

thank you and enjoy the evening.


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