[Samba] anti-virus

Ian Wright iwright at ne-worcs.ac.uk
Thu Jan 2 10:06:00 GMT 2003

Hello all
Have a small problem. We use Samba as our PDC for a large amount of NT clients. We also use Sophos anti-virus to protect the workstations and servers. The problem basically is that although I can get Sophos to work properly I have to go to the actual workstation to install it from the server. Once I've done this Sophos works fine and automatically updates from the server. 
    However when I attempt to deploy Sophos from the server to the workstation it fails to start on the workstation. In a NT PDC domain the Sophos network user is given the permissions to Log on as a Service, and this works ok. However in a Samba PDC domain there is no option that I'm aware of that allows such permissions.
    Does anyone no how I can give the Sophos user sufficient permissions  to start as a Service with Samba? I've made it domain adminstrator, but this didn't help.
Thanks Ian 
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