[Samba] anti-virus

David Beards d.beards at cfa.vic.gov.au
Thu Jan 2 11:13:01 GMT 2003

Hi Ian,

We use SOPHOS in CFA and, sorry, I couldn't quite follow you question.
What exactly are you trying to do and what tool are you trying to use?

We use the method of installing on each workstation from a CID (at each
workstation) which then causes SOPHOS to update automatically. (ala the
second part of your email) Time consuming but the only way I could see
to do it.

As far as using SAV Admin to push the installation out I don't think you
can. SAMBA only provides you with an 'NT' like server for sharing of
drives and printers. Even if you were running Linux on an x86 platform
it wouldn't have the services and function calls required for SAV Admin
to do it's job.


> Ian Wright wrote:
> Hello all
> Have a small problem. We use Samba as our PDC for a large amount of NT
> clients. We also use Sophos anti-virus to protect the workstations and
> servers. The problem basically is that although I can get Sophos to
> work properly I have to go to the actual workstation to install it
> from the server. Once I've done this Sophos works fine and
> automatically updates from the server.
>     However when I attempt to deploy Sophos from the server to the
> workstation it fails to start on the workstation. In a NT PDC domain
> the Sophos network user is given the permissions to Log on as a
> Service, and this works ok. However in a Samba PDC domain there is no
> option that I'm aware of that allows such permissions.
>     Does anyone no how I can give the Sophos user sufficient
> permissions  to start as a Service with Samba? I've made it domain
> adminstrator, but this didn't help.
> Thanks Ian

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