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Jim Morris Jim at Morris-World.com
Wed Jan 1 17:43:02 GMT 2003

On Wednesday, January 1, 2003, at 10:03  AM, Nate Grissom wrote:

> Is it possible to share a tape drive using Samba. I have a tape drive 
> that is attached to a Solaris box, that I would like to use to backup 
> my entire environment; Solaris and Windows. If this is possible, how 
> should I configure the smb.conf file.

Umm. Samba is really for file and printer sharing - if that tape drive 
can look like a file or subdirectory that you can share, then it would 
help! Since I doubt that is the case, you are left using standard Unix 
facilities such as tar and cpio, or a commercial backup package for 
Solaris.  However, if Samba is installed on your Solaris system, you 
should be able to use smbclient (in smbtar mode) to perform backups of 
Windows PC's to the tape drive on the Solaris box.

I came across a set of scripts that someone posted to the Samba mailing 
list a couple of years ago, which would take a list of PC and share 
names, and do a backup of multiple Windows PC's to the tape drive on a 
Unix system, using smbclient - with each PC being backed up to a 
separate tar file on the tape basically.

I hope that gets you started in the right direction.....

If you don't mind spending money, there are a few cross platform backup 
solutions (Arkeia?) that will let you access the Solaris tape drive 
from the Windows PC's....
Jim Morris (Jim at Morris-World.com)
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