[Samba] printing problem from Windows 98 - samba 3.0.1

Sharp, Clint clint.sharp at attws.com
Tue Dec 30 15:52:47 GMT 2003

2000/XP and Win 98/ME use different printer drivers.  Have you installed
drivers for Win98/ME to your print$ share as well?


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> Hi List,
>   (PS: I am not signed to list, please CC a mail to 
> rajesh_ghanekar at yahoo.com ).
>    I am using samba 3.0.1 as a primary domain
> controller with LDAP. I am able to do file sharing
> very well with user wise restriction. The problem is
> with printer.
>    I have a HP1200 printer for which i have to do JOB 
> accounting. All the jobs will be queued through samba. I have 
> done setup so that the machine (named
> "printserver") to which printer is attached doesn't
> allow other machines to directly print, it allows only
> samba (named "pragatee") machine to print. So all the 
> workstations will queue their print jobs to samba.
>    Now when a workstation joins samba domain, they can
> share files. I have added print$ share so workstation
> can download adobeps4.drv and related files directly.
> But when i configure printer on Win98 workstation and
> go to the properties applet of that printer, i get
> rundll32 error related to adobeps4.drv. The same thing
> works perfectly with Win2k/WinXp clients with
> cupsdrvr.dll and stuff.
>    Has anyone faced this kind of problem before? This
> problem has been listed in threads, but no replies
> were given. If anyone wants to see complete error log,
> i will mail that. Sorry for such a huge mail. I am
> scratching my head for last 2 days. :-(
>   Error log is as following :

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