[Samba] Winbind-Cyrus-Outlook

Tim Branson tbranson at LeeCompany.com
Mon Dec 29 16:37:08 GMT 2003


I now have it working fine.  It was a case sensitive issue.  When Outlook
send the DOMAINNAME+username it made it all lower case.  I had to make the
imap server mailboxes lower case not mixed case like winbind has it.  

Is there a way to alias the user names?  I.e. TESTDOMAIN+tbranson =
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On Thu, 2003-12-18 at 05:00, Tim Branson wrote:
> I have been using Winbind for some time.  We are now looking to use IMAP
> replace Exchange.  Currently we have configured Winbind to join our
> Shares work fine and the ability to assign rights from the command line
> fine for domain users is fine.
> The problem is that when outlook sends the user name and password to
> and PAM it bails out.  When I see the users in Linux they are listed as
> DOMAIN+username.  When Outlook passes the name and password it sends it as
> domain+username.  How can I get Winbind to pass the proper case.  It's a
> sure thing that Micro$oft won't provide me a fix.  Has anyone else run
> this?

It shouldn't matter.  What makes you think that the case of the username
is causing this problem?

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