[Samba] Samba with Kerberos

Never_Born never_born at gogan.ch
Fri Dec 26 13:01:58 GMT 2003

Hi all

I just set up OpenLDAP with CyrusSASL/Kerberos, which represents a
central point of authorisation for Linux. This works great!
To have the same for the Windows-Clients, I want to use Samba in
conjunction with the existing Kerberos. But how do I do that?

I can configure a Windows-Client to use the Kerberos (with the tool
ksetup), but if I do so, the user-accounts must exist on the client.
On the other side, if I join the client to the samba domain, it doesn't
use the Kerberos.

Is it possible to tell Samba, it should use Kerberos for
I don't want to store up to three different passwords....

My software:
- Fedora Core 1
- Kernel 2.4.22
- OpenLDAP 2.1.22
- CyrusSASL 2.1.15
- MIT Kerberos V 1.3.1
- Samba 3.0.0 (recompiled package from Fedora for LDAP-support)

Thanks for any help,

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