[Samba] Trying to use LDAP: Failed to bind to server: Invalid Credentials

johnmurphy at ntlworld.com johnmurphy at ntlworld.com
Tue Dec 23 09:38:11 GMT 2003

I'm using RedHat 9 and Samba 3.01rc2. I'm working through the Samba Howto on LDAP but I've no experience of LDAP and I'm struggling to understand what is needed. At the moment when I try to change or set a password with smbpasswd, I get the message "failed to bind to server with dn = etc: Invalid credentials".
So can someone clarify any of these points for me.

1. About the “ldap admin dn “ setting in smb.conf. 

I’ve put 
ldap admin dn = “cn=Manager,ou=People,dc=IT,dc=local”
as a modification of the example in the Howto. Where they have used “quenya and com” I have used “IT and local”. Are the quote marks needed?

Does this have to match a setting in either the slapd.conf  or  LFIF file used to initialise the database and could this account for the “Invalid Credentials” message?
Or could it be the password?

2. The password I use is “colafoo”. So I’ve typed “smbpasswd –w colafoo”. In my slapd.conf file there are two lines starting rootpw. Should either of these be set to colafoo.  They were both commented out. On the other hand there are three lines in the LDIF file starting “userPassword:  {SSHA}”. I generated the password using
“slappasswd –s colafoo” and put the result into the files. Have I made an error there? 

3. The LDIF file contains references to “Setting up admin handle for People OU”
“dn: cn=admin etc”. What is the difference between Manager and admin?

John Murf

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