[Samba] enabling remote desktop

Andrew Gaffney agaffney at skylineaero.com
Mon Dec 22 06:00:14 GMT 2003

I have found a bit easier way to do this. Create a file called rdesktop.reg (or whatever 
you feel like calling it):

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server]

Then, in your netlogon script, add the line:

regedit /s \\where\the\reg\file\is\rdesktop.reg

Voila, the next time that a user logs in on that XP workstation, Remote Desktop Sharing 
will magically be enabled. Behold the power of Google!

James Harper wrote:
> Me too!!!
> I've never done this before, but this might be worth a try if nothing
> else works:
> 1. run gpedit.msc on an xp machine and find the policy you want to
> enable.
> 2. search for that policy in the .adm files (c:\windows\inf\*.adm) to
> find out the registry setting that should be set. They are just text
> files.
> 3. get a machine with the policy set how you want it and export that
> registry entry to a file in your netlogon share
> 4. in your startup script, import that file into the registry. Not sure
> how to do that 'silently' but there is probably a way.
> 5. enjoy
> There may be a problem with persistence though, something else may
> override your registry entries. If this is true and you also have to
> reboot for the registry entries to take effect, then it won't work.
> If you find a better way then please share it as I'd like a tidy
> solution too.
> Hth.
> James
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>>Is there a way to automatically enable Remote Desktop from a NETLOGON
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> it
>>Andrew Gaffney
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