[Samba] Port 445 and Network Neighborhood Browsing

Raymond support at bigriverinfotech.com
Mon Dec 22 05:13:38 GMT 2003

OK, I got Win2K hosts connecting to Samba 3.0 on Fedora 1.0 utilizing 
port 445 and utilizing system authentication via PAM. Utilized SWB to 
troubleshoot ( a GREAT tool !!! )

Modified the following default smb.conf parms:

encrypted = no
smb ports = 445

Set NetBIOS over TCP to disable and workgroup to MYGROUP on the Win2K 
clients (for testing). Win2K clients registry had cleartext passwords 
already enabled.

Current problems:

1. Unable to -see- Samba server on Network Neighborhood; can mount share 
with net use from Win2K command prompt. Although not mapped on DNS 
server, the Samba server has hosts file mappings as does the Win2K 
clients. This *should* resolve any DNS issues for testing purposes. But 
still unable to see Samba box on Win2K  Network Neighborhood. Can 
physically create mount from from Network Neighborhood. What gives ???

2. When utilizing SSH and mapping port 445 to localhost 20445 on the 
Samba server, authentication fails. Samba has smb ports = 20445, 
interfaces = lo and bind interfaces only = yes for this test. A direct 
SSH 445 to localhost 445 fails too. Attempted mounting as \\localhost 
and mapping the machine name to on the Win2K hosts file, both 
to no avail.

Anybody got Samba 3.0 on port 445 successfully tunneling in SSH2 ?

Help please.


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