[Samba] FYI - someone is infected on this list

bill eight b88e88 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 19 20:16:44 GMT 2003


Since joining the list and posting 
on it, I noticed that I've
gotten a number of emails with a trojan
in the attachment (virus) ...

SOMEONE on this list is infected.
(well, someone's computer is infected)

PLEASE double check your system.

Yahoo scan of the attachment:

File name: 	patch.exe
File type: 	application/x-msdownload
Scan result:	Virus "W32.Swen.A at mm" found.
You can not download this attachment.
You have two options:
1. 	Sign up for Yahoo! Mail Plus to get automatic
cleaning of infected attachments. Learn more.
(Note: Not all viruses can be cleaned.)
2. 	Contact the message sender and request that they
resend the attachment to you after cleaning it with
anti-virus software.

you can find more about virii here:




note - sometimes they may have
a free program to get rid of this
particular virus...


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