[Samba] Re: "valid users = %S" doesn't work in 3.0.1

C.Lee Taylor leet at leenx.co.za
Fri Dec 19 14:45:06 GMT 2003

Greetings ...

>>>where he suggests to use 'valid users = %D+%S' instead,
>>>but this doesn't work, either.
>>        Okay, I think this has to do with winbind, is so the '+' needs to be your
>>"winbind separator", in my case or using the default '\', which let me work ...
>Sorry, but I can't convince it to accept this.
>(I tried 
>   valid users = %D\%S		#I think this could not work, as \ means line continues?
>   valid users = %D\\%S
>   valid users = %D'\'%S
>Is there a way to find out what smbd expects/accepts to see for a 'valid user'?
    I normally try in my [homes]
        comment = Home Directory for %u on %D\%S
        valid users = %D\%S, %S

    It does not look pretty while testing, but at least you can see what 
is been past ... The logic ( at least in my fuzy brain ) is that the 
share name ( which is %S ), is the same as the user login into the share 
... so when you view your server and see all your shares ( I put my view 
into detailed ) you should see the comment for the share, which should 
say "Home Directory for leet on leet".

    If "share name" of [homes], which is normally the user logging 
should be equale to one of the "valid users" values ...

>And where can I get infos about this 'winbind' thing?
>(I don't have a clue)
    Don't worry, winbind is only really needed if you are going to Trust 
an M$ ADS domain ... if you are not using it then it's was not what I 
throught it was that which I ran into ...


P.S. I hope this makes sense ...

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