[Samba] combining local users or smbpasswd users and NTDOMAIN usersin LDAP

Russell Lavoie rlavoie at ncaustin.com
Wed Dec 17 15:48:26 GMT 2003

Lets see.  So are you going to  be getting rid of the NT Domain?  If
not, why not just setup LDAP authentication on the linux box through PAM
with the help of a few other modules.  It creates a local account based
on the authentication success.  Works great for me.  This also promotes
centralized user administration.  Is that what you are going after?  If
not, I apologize for giving you the wrong info.  Please clarify if I am
wrong here.



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My last question went unanswered - probably because of the confused way
that I asked it.

I have a new samba server - joined to domain - running LDAP - imported
the local users with the migration script into LDAP - life is good.

Now I want to import the Users and Groups from my domain on WinNT - I
found the migration scripts (RH 9 AS 3 - SMB 3.0.0)

I import them and they will undoubtedly number from 1000+ and my local
users uid start at 500. Local users don't have Samba designations -
Samba Users don't have local accounts - I want accounts to be both local
(local home directory, mail accounts etc.) and to be Samba enabled too
(Domain - profilePath - homePath - logonScript) - Do then use migration
samba supplied script to import local users instead of the script
supplied with openldap which made them local accounts? Do users created
using the samba supplied migration scripts get the local account
information too?


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