[Samba] I'm confused. What is winbindd supposed to get me?

David Gadoury david at mazunetworks.com
Wed Dec 17 13:49:19 GMT 2003

Along these same lines, I don't have winbind running as of yet (in part
due to time constraints and in part due a bit of confusion of winbind
configuration) but am still able to interact w/ my W2K domain.  The only
negative is that the connections to Samba from XP clients is very slow,
taking up to a minute for the connection to be made.  I'm
assuming/hoping that getting winbind up and running will resolve this.


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I've got a Samba member server as part of a Windows NT domain.  User
accounts have the same name in both domain.  I was having all sorts of
trouble when winbindd was running with wierd groups showing up.

I happened to screw up the winbindd configuration without noticing
causing it to crash, but I ran snmd and nmbd anyway and suddenly
everything started working perfectly.

The docs say you MUST run winbindd.

I'm confused.

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