[Samba] Profiles in XP when logging into Samba

Wayne Dozier(Samba) wdoziersamba at gborocollege.edu
Mon Dec 15 17:21:53 GMT 2003

Not really a samba question but here it goes.  In XP, when 
I log onto the Samba server.  Everything works fine, it 
logs on,but when it starts loading the personal setting, 
it complains saying it cannot find the roaming profile on 
the server.  Keep in mind that I do not want to use 
roaming profiles.  I want one profile that is defaulted to 
all users who logon.  Another problem i am going to run 
into, is the fact that if someone logs in at a computer, 
if they do not have a local profile, it creates a folder 
for them under documents and settings.  This is a problem 
because of mydocuments.  I want all users to use one 
profile,  with one mydocuments folder and so on.

The reason for such a headache is that these computers are 
in labs for students.  They will be frozen with deepfreeze 
so that no changes can be made whatsoever.  The 
mydocuments folder needs to be in an "unfrozen" portion of 
the drive.

So long story short, I want one default profile for 
everyone.  No roaming profiles, and I want to get ridof 
the error you get at loggon when it gripes aout not 
finding one on the server.

Thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to help.


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