[Samba] password synchronization

Jasper V. Ferrer jasper at ferrer.com.ph
Fri Dec 12 15:07:11 GMT 2003

hi, i have three machines excellence, sapphire and integrity. excellence
runs samba and acts as a pdc for domain ferrer-lan. sapphire also runs
samba and is a member of domain ferrer-lan (security=domain). integrity
runs windowsxp and is also a member of domain ferrer-lan.

samba on both excellence and sapphire has unix password sync enabled and is
syncing passwords just fine. so when i change password on integrity the
local linux password on excellence gets synced too. however this leaves me
with a different linux password on sapphire.

since samba on sapphire is a member of domain ferrer-lan, is there a way to
automagically sync to the local linux password? on samba startup? whenever
connecting to samba on excellence?

please help, thank you.

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