[Samba] Troubles joining a samba 3.0.1rc1 + LDAP domain

Charles Hamel charles at pingouin.ca
Fri Dec 12 19:42:10 GMT 2003


I just posted a message about the exact same problem I have with 3.0.1rc1. I
just tested RC2 and it doens't fix the problem. 

For your information, you can obtain better logging by launching samba with
the following options : -d 5 -l /var/log

-d is the debugging level.
-l /var/log creates a log.smbd file in that directoy, personnaly i track
problem by using this command : tail -f /var/log/log.smbd |grep -A 20 -B 20



On Fri, 12 Dec 2003 08:29:59 -0900, Matthew Schumacher wrote
> I am getting a bad username or password error when I try to logon to 
> the domain from a windows 2000 server.  I can't find anything wrong 
> with my config and I'm using a root user that is in the directory 
> with the uid and gid set to 0.
> The only thing I see in the logs is something about incorrect 
> password length, but I checked that my passwords are encrypted and I 
> can access shares as the root user so I know my password and user is 
> working.
> Any ideas on this?  How can I get samba to give me better logging so 
> I can figure out exactly what is going wrong.
> Thanks,
> schu
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