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Andrew Gaffney agaffney at technaut.darktalker.net
Fri Dec 12 13:27:27 GMT 2003

Gillian Hay wrote:
> Dear sir/Madam,
> I understand that SAMBA is used when converting UNIX systems - 
> Microsoft systems.   I am currently studying at university and as part of my module, we were given a
 > hypothetical situation which we were to solve.This hypothetical company are currently 
using the UNIX operating
> system and we were wanting to change them to Microsoft.   We understand that they could lose their work due to
 > this change.

Even hypothetical, a company that *WANTS* to switch to MS....does this not make sense to 
anyone else? ;)

>  Could you please inform me of the cost of this transversion for one 
> PC and any training that would be required.

Samba is really used to integrate a UNIX system into an existing MS network. If you are 
moving to an all MS network, there is no reason for Samba. You could use Samba if you 
planned a slow transition and wanted to still store your data on UNIX servers and have it 
accessible by people using Windows workstations. The cost of this transition on one PC 
would be about $300 for the Windows license ;) As for training, the only people that would 
need to learn to use Samba are the System Administrators.

Andrew Gaffney

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