[Samba] Windows 2000 and krb5 tickets.

Wolfgang Wagner wolfgang.wagner at riwa-gis.de
Fri Dec 12 09:55:56 GMT 2003

> From: Mark Hudson [mailto:m.c.hudson at open.ac.uk] 
> I'm also getting the exact same problem.
> The samba machine can be added into the w2k-controlled ads fine.
> But when my w2k clients connect to it, they prompt for a username and
> password. If this is entered, things work fine. The w2k clients also
> cannot browse the sharelist on the samba server until they have
> connected to a share with a valid UID/password first.
> I am seeing the same errors in samba's logs.
> The samba server is a stock Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 ES machine.


did you connect to the samba server via Netbios-Name or via IP-Address?

Here I can connect to the samba-machine via IP fine, but a connect via Netbios-name
asks for username and password.

I have no solution up to now for this problem, but I remember, this topic was 
discussed earlier on this list (maybe 6 weeks ago). I did not find the mails
in an archive, because I cannot remember the keywords.

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