[Samba] Re: Character set conversion problems with 3.0

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Dec 11 23:13:41 GMT 2003

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John P. Nelson wrote:
|>>... Samba 3.0.0 on a Solaris 8 ...
|>>    Conversion from UTF8 to CP850 not supported
|>>    ...
|>Install libiconv first (either from source or from a package as
|>delivered by sunfreeware.com), then configure --with-libiconv.
| I would have done that, but Solaris 8 already HAS something called
| "iconv".  There is an iconv.h, and libc has functions "iconv",
| "iconv_open", "iconv_close", and there's a support directory
| /usr/lib/iconv.
| Are you saying that I need to get a libiconv that is something
| different than this?
| Besides, I don't CARE about character set conversions.
| If "configure" didn't think I had proper iconv support, why
| doesn't Samba just silently skip doing character conversions?  Can
| I run configure with --without-libiconv to get Samba to
| be quiet?

Didn't I already mail you about the changes in 3.0.1rc2 ?
A lot of this is being handled internally to smbd now
to work around issues such as this one.  Please test
3.0.1rc2 and  see if it helps.

cheers, jerry
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