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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Dec 11 17:28:49 GMT 2003

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BuSab wrote:
| hello,
| I'm trying to set up a samba serveur with access controls on shares,
| like described in chapter 13 section 4 of the samba howto collection,
| but I didn't succeed.
| I don't know if I need to set "security = DOMAIN", to join the domain
| and/or to use winbind.
| My server is a simple domain member (the PDC is a NT4 server). I've
| tried samba 3.0.0 and 2.2.3a on a debian stable box.
| I've tried various configurations, on somes, got an error ("access
| denied") on the windows box while setting the ACL on the share, on
| others, got an "access denied" trying to access to the share even with
| correct ACLs.
| Can anybody post a samba smb.conf ready for ACL on shares or explain me
| a way to configure it?

you must create a local Samba account for root.  Only root
(uid == 0) can set share acls.  We're working on extending this
to use group membership (e.g. Domain Admins) but havne't
finished it yet.

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cheers, jerry
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