[Samba] XP stops nearly all networkservices after joining Samba3 domain

Stefan.Iven at voessing.de Stefan.Iven at voessing.de
Thu Dec 11 10:31:24 GMT 2003

Hello list,

I setup samba3.0.1pre3+ldap as PDC. NT and 2k Workstation work.
I can add xp clients to the domain. But when then the user logs in, the
xp stops nearly all services after the authentication:

login-, workstation-, browser-,audio- etc. service

When I login as domainadmin,go to the Services, switch the logonservice
from automatic to manual,
then login again as domaiadmin, start manual the logonservice, logoff ,then
I'm able to login without

Has anyone an idear what this could be??

Thanks for you help


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