[Samba] XP join and logon

I Wayan Widi Pradnyana zelephoeck at inf.its-sby.edu
Thu Dec 11 01:46:56 GMT 2003

I'm still confused with "The parameter is incorrect", when joining the XPs
to Samba server.
I guess that was some problem at channging computer name at Linux DNS, or
at the XP. Where was the log files ?

Widi Pradnyana

> Thats right, change the domain field to be the name of your domain/server.
> the problem then is to add your machine to the samba server it needs to
use a smb account with the correct permissions to do so.
> I dont know if an account can be modified to work but root is an account
that will work. The problem is root is not part or smbpasswd or rather
it doesnt have an account with samba.
> to add it to samba smbpasswd -a root will do so. then change the
smbpassword for root to whatever password you want.
> once you have this done you will then have an account with the correct
permissions to add your computer to the domain.
> Ross

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